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2018 Season

With the Special Meeting behind us, and Memorial Day winding down, I am looking forward to the 2018 Season. The meeting reminded us all how much we are dedicated to the Park and our neighbors. There was a call for better enforcement of ALL by-laws, which the BOG is dedicated to providing. This years beach staff should be engaging and helpful in interacting with members, guests, and tenants. I hope little "enforcement" is needed, as the by-laws are pretty simple. All members should wear their wrist bands and provide them to guests and tenants. Limit eating on the beach as "picnicking" in not permitted. Please be respectful of the tranquility of the beach at night, and always ask permission for having a bonfire. Given the push for "data" we will be trying to track more violations and complaints, but I do not want "enforcement" to be the focus of board activity. With a little help from all members this should be a great season. I hope you share my optimism, and make this season one to remember.

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